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picking pumpkins

When the time comes to pick pumpkins, blueberries or currents, come to Fort Hill Farms!

All of the berries at Fort Hill Farms are raised with care. We don't spray the bushes for bugs or weeds, and it takes a lot of work to have the blueberry patch looking so gorgeous --we're proud of our field!

We add compost to the soil, and manage weeds and conditions in ways that allow the blueberries to grow, maximizing their nutritional value. We don't artificially force the blueberries to grow. We make our own compost and add that to oak leaves in the fall (blueberries are the only crop that love oak leaves) and thus invite beneficial organisms to break down the compost into what the blueberry bush needs for the next year's berries.

picking blueberries
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pick your own black currants
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